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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been to Catalina Island. What is it like to host an event there?

The Catalina Island is a vibrant town off the coast of LA, where visitors arrive by a short journey on ferries or helicopters. Most events here are planned with overnight stays. It will feel more like a group getaway or destination wedding.

Does the Hotel provide transportations on the island?

Yes! The hotel provides pick-up and drop-off services from the ferry landing and heliport, along with convenient shuttles to and from town. This service is limited to overnight hotel guests only.

How many guests can your hotel accommodate?

The Hotel offers a variety of accommodations, including 10 suites, 6 rooms, and a 3-bedroom Penthouse. The suites typically accommodate 3 to 4 adults, while the rooms accommodates 2 to 3 adults. For larger groups, the Penthouse is designed for 6 to 7 adults. Upon request, cots are also available.

How many people can the Rooftop, Pool Deck and Mountain Deck accommodate?

The maximum capacity is 50 guests in Rooftop and Mountain Deck. The Pool Deck can hold up to 85 guests standing. The capacity is based on our architectural guidelines and so the maximum is non-flexible. 

Can we have an event in the Penthouse or the Honeymoon Suite?

Yes, if the number of guests occupying the guest room exceeds the number of overnight guests allowed in the accommodation, it is considered a private event. Both spaces can be used for events. In addition to securing a reservation to the room where the event is to take place, surrounding room reservations and site fees will be required.


Why do I have to buyout certain rooms for my private event? What are the requirements?

We do this to make sure that other hotel guests who aren't part of the event can enjoy their stay without any issues related to event noise or traffic. For the Rooftop, if you're having an event, you'll need to reserve all 8 King Ocean Suites underneath. For the Pool Deck, just the two nearest King Ocean Suites. And if you're using the Penthouse or Honeymoon Suite, we ask that you also book the nearby accommodations.

Is there a separate space for cocktail hour?

Yes, Pool Deck and Mountain Deck stand out as favored options. 

Do you offer alcoholic beverages at your events? How does the minimum work?

Yes! We have a Beer and Wine License. Any catered event is required to meet a minimum purchase of alcoholic beverages from the Hotel.


Can you serve hard liquor?

We currently do not hold a hard liquor license at the hotel but is working on obtaining one in the future.  For now, you have a couple of options if you want hard liquor at your event: you can hire a third-party vendor with a portable liquor license, or you're welcome to have hard liquor inside your private accommodations. Please note that you'll still need to meet the minimum libation requirement with the Hotel when you hire a third party vendor to provide hard liquor. 


Can I bring my own alcohol to the event?

Yes, corkage fees will apply if you bring your own beverage, or hire a third party bar vendor. The fees will count towards the libation minimum, which is required whenever an event is catered. Hard alcohol is strictly prohibited in our venue and public spaces per our license and state regulations. 


Can we have our rehearsal dinner here? What about a morning-after brunch?

Absolutely! Our hotel is perfectly set up to host multi-day events across our various available sites, each offering a unique and diverse setting.

Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of "preferred" caterers, or do I need to provide my own? Even if there is an in-house caterer, do I have the option of using an outside caterer instead?

Most of our events are catered by CIHG. New and out of town vendors are welcomed as long as they hold proper insurance.

I am very interested in booking the venue, but I need a little more time to decide. Can I put a hold on a date?

Yes, if the date is more than 3 months away, we offer a complimentary "soft” hold for one week.


I am interested in a date someone else has hold on – what are my options?

You can challenge the hold by preparing a signed contract and deposit. The first hold client will then be notified to reply within 48 hours (Saturdays and Sundays included). If the first hold client does not formally book within 48 hours, the date is released to you for booking.


What is required to formally book a date?

We require a signed contract and a 50% deposit from the private events fee. 

The proposal includes room costs, but my event attendees will be paying for their own rooms. How does that work?

When your guests are covering for their own stay, but you'd like to block off some accommodations for them, we can create a room block with a unique access code. This code will direct your guests to make reservations. Please note that event hosts are financially responsible for accommodations blocked but not reserved by guests. The grace period to release any unnecessary accommodations in a block is 90 days prior to check in, which aligns with the second deposit due date. 


Is the deposit refundable? What is your cancellation policy?

Events more than 3 months away can be refunded. After which, each installment of deposits made under 90 days prior to the event will be nonrefundable and becomes liquidated damage paid to the Hotel in the case of cancellation.


I don’t need a catered event. Is there a libation minimum?

If the event is not catered, there will not be a minimum libation required.


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! However, if you wish to hire third party vendors, we require them to provide proof of insurance as well.


What does the site fee include?

For Rooftop ceremonies, we provide basic chairs, sign-in tables with house white linens, refreshment station, speaker and PA system. For Rooftop receptions, we provide basic chairs, six-foot banquet tables with house white linens, hosted wine station, refreshment station and speakers. The furniture pieces included in our base site fee are different for every site and we have some rental items available as well. Please check with our coordinators for details.


Do you provide furniture? What if I want to use something else?

We provide the essential pieces that makes an event possible, and encourage hosts to customize their setup by bringing decorations or hiring rental companies for extra pieces. You can choose from our suggested list of rental companies or explore your own options. Our coordinators can assist you with logistics.

Can I move things around, or do I have to leave everything as is?

The cabanas and fire pit tables must stay in their original placement, while most chairs and tables can be freely moved within the same site. Please note that if you choose to replace or remove the original set up in each venue, there will be labor fees or rental fees applied.

Are we allowed to bring in our own decorations?

Yes! We invite event hosts to add their personal touch to each event. The decorations must be freestanding, with no penetration to the floors, walls or ceilings. We also prohibit the use of glitter or foil confetti, birdseed, sparklers, rice or paper lanterns, and any open flame decorations. 

Can I hire my own vendors or is there a preferred vendor list we need to stick to?

Absolutely, we're open to new vendors as long as they are appropriately insured and provide us with their Certificate of Insurance (COI).

How many hours does the site fee include, and is there overtime if I stay longer?

With the exception of Rooftop, site fees are calculated on an hourly basis, and catered events must meet a minimum duration of 2 hours. The event can be extended as long as it adheres to city and Hotel curfew and the site fee will be prorated and billed to credit card on file after the event. Rooftop site fees cover the entire day, but the event must conclude within the curfew defined by city ordinances. There is no additional charge for set up and strike time, but all vendors must adhere to the setup schedule set forth by the Hotel. Our on-site coordinator will provide a suitable timeframe for both setup and strike for each event.

Is shuttle service included for my event guests if they do not stay at with the Hotel?

Our golf cart shuttle service is exclusively available for hotel guests who are staying overnight. However, we provide the option to add the shuttle service for event guests who are not staying at the hotel.


What is the Special Use Permit Charge?

The City of Avalon mandates all events in our zone to acquire Special Use Permits for amplified and live music, as well as for events extending beyond the city curfew of 9 PM. The associated application fee will be added to the private events fee. Under the current city noise ordinances, events that conclude promptly at 9 PM and exclusively use Hotel speakers to play music from a playlist do not require a permit. Avalon city noise ordinances is subjected to change and we will keep our events hosts informed.

Can my event extend beyond 9 PM?

For all events extending beyond 9 PM, event host must acquire a Special Use Permit for the event as well as having a buyout of the hotel. 

Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?

All musicians are welcomed to the extend our space can accommodate. The vendor must handle their own equipment and instruments. The noise level must comply with the city ordinance and a Special Use Permit must be attained.


Do I need to hire a planner?

For all weddings, we require event hosts to hire an event planner to step in and take over the coordination of various vendors at least 30 days prior to the event. We may allow exceptions for simpler events with no third party vendors and the exemption must be formally requested in writing.

Do I need wedding insurance?

The cost of wedding insurances is often more reasonable than you imagine and it is simply the best way to protect your finances from unexpected circumstances. 

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